Apply the newest SOTA ML models to your own messages, social media & other personal data in minutes
Build shareable data apps using the latest ML models
Start building ML apps

Built-in importers connect to real data so you can start building apps immediately

Import your data from WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram and others, and apply any pre-trained HuggingFace model in just a few clicks.
See it in action:
Watch the demo on how to define labels for your chosen data stream and your ML model, and label your data in minutes before training and fine-tuning your model.
Watch how we use the platform to define custom ML filters for our social media feeds.
See how you can use our data visualisation tools to view and better understand your data through beautiful interactive graphs and charts.
Browse different data streams and see how you can connect your personal data in minutes to start training your model in a completely safe and private paltform. Alternatively, reach out to us to see how you can build your own data connectors.

An open and flexible platform designed for accelerated ML workflows

Enhance your ML models

Begin with applying and fine-tuning pre-trained ML models that require no experience. Or apply your own models for more advanced actions and incrementally improve performance.

Deploy in one click

Deploy your model quickly and easily - no technical knowledge required. We take care of storing your data and models and running flexible inference solutions so you can focus on the outcomes.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Move seamlessly between the platform and your favourite tools. You are never locked in or forced to come up with workarounds to be able to work how you want.
Start building ML apps

Privacy by design

With a fully encrypted data storage, only you can access your data and the inference results. Memri cannot access your information.
Encrypted with private keys
Only you have access to data
Start building ML apps

Community resources

Explore the platform. Join the conversation. Become a member.
Explore and share ideas for new data apps within a community of like-minded people.
You are the owner
We created a cooperative structure where members vote on major decisions to protect our mission of ensuring that data always remains private.

Our long term vision

Explore Memri’s vision of creating a personal AI for every person
Join us

Empowering people with data

We are constantly generating data that reveal our choices and motivations. However, we have little control over it. Many of the services that we use prioritize data collection, while compromising our freedoms, agency and trust.

We are an open source community and we are tackling these challenges through shared creativity and collaboration. We build tools that empower people to create a new web - one that is private, trustworthy and free from centralized control.


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